Classes can be scheduled for any of the following topics:DSCN0716
  • Real food 101
  • Soaking and sprouting grains, beans, legumes, seeds and nuts
  • Lacto fermentation (sauerkraut & others)
  • Kombucha and Jun
  • Sourdough (1.5 hour class)
  • Raw dairy – yogurt, whey, cream cheese, etc. (Additional fees applies for raw milk procurement.)
  • Baking with nut flours and coconut flour (Advanced classes for grain-free desserts available as well)
  • Soups 101 – Bone/Meat Broths
  • Soups 102 – Soups and Stews

When scheduling, please alert me to any and all food allergies and intolerances. 🙂

Every class will include some form of take-home food. I operate on a sliding scale (pay what you are able), with a suggested range of $50 – $100 per hour/class. And, offer assistance on a need-basis. When scheduling a class, I ask for a small deposit (generally via Paypal or credit card). The deposit is refundable if canceling seven days before the scheduled class. This is because some foods take a long time to prepare for class demonstration. Classes take place at my home in Providence.

If you do not already own them, I suggest picking up a copy of Nourishing Traditions and Wild Fermentation for further in-depth reading of the topics covered in these classes. When scheduling classes, I will likely offer suggested readings from one or both of these books.

If you have any questions, or if there’s a topic that you are interested in, but is not listed, please let me know.

Contact Rachael via email for scheduling and class information at: